Frequently Asked Questions

Once you choose your design and make payment, it should only take about 5 days to get a basic website up. That does not include the time it takes to create and add the image and text content which could vary depending on how much content you have and where you’re getting your content from.

No cancellation fees, ever. You can cancel any time. You’re never locked in to any sort of contract. 

If you already have hosting, no problem. I can still build your website. 

If you remain with your current host, I’d be very limited in the security that I can provide for your website because a lot of my security comes from my managed wordpress host. So if something goes wrong and your site is not hosted with me, it would be up to you to handle it with your current hosting provider.

I can assist with website fixes as well at a rate of $35/hr.

If you already have a domain name, that’s fine. I’ll just need to briefly access your domain account to modify your DNS records.

Simple. I’ll just need to access your website and hosting account to grab a few pieces of information. After I gather what I need, it only takes 1 to 3 days to migrate your website over to my hosting solution.

Absolutely!  The prices are the same as a regular design.

Yes I do. However, you may be required to pay additional fees due to the increased maintenance required. It all depends on how many products you sell and/or how often you need updates.

In order to determine your pricing, I’ll need to evaluate your website for 30-60 days. If there aren’t many updates I need to make, you may not need to pay any additional fees.

If you need e-commerce functionality, I will setup a shopping cart and upload your products with item descriptions, pictures, pricing, shipping and tax information for those items. I prefer that you provide this information in spreadsheet format. However, if you can’t, I’m sure I can find a way to get it done. I love solving problems, just ask!

If you need a payment gateway, I will recommend a few and help you get them setup. 

You may need to pay an additional fee for the shopping cart, depending on how many items you have for sale and your particular business needs.

You can just email, text or call me to let me know what updates need to be made.

Your content updates are a top priority for me so I’m pretty quick about starting and completing them. In most cases, I can get them done in a day or 2. If it doesn’t look like I can get it done within that time frame, I’ll let you know so that you’re not taken by surprise.

The only times this may happen is if you have a lot of updates, or if a number of clients all request updates around the same time.

If I already have update requests in the queue before you, I will let you know where you are in the queue and give you an estimate as to when I’ll be able to start on your updates.

I’m really sorry to hear that. If you weren’t a client of mine when your site got hacked (which most likely you weren’t because my site security game is top notch), then I can get everything cleaned up and restored for $250.

In the rare event that your website does get hacked while you’re on my website maintenance plan, then I’ll rid your site of the bad stuff and restore everything free of charge.