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We’ve developed advertising formulas within certain business types that are proven to generate low-cost, targeted leads time and time again. We only provide our service to those specific business types (listed below) which we are experienced and knowledgeable in, and that we know without a doubt will perform well with our advertising program. 

Businesses We Work With

Launch Phase

Management Phase


Setup Fee


The fee to setup you campaigns includes the time and effort to build out your landing page, setup tracking codes on your web page, setup call and form submission tracking, selecting campaign keywords, audience and geographic targeting, and writing ad copy.

Management Fee

17% of monthly budget

$750/mo.  minimum

The management fee charged for on-going management and optimization of your advertising campaign(s) is based on your monthly advertising budget with the minimum management fee being $750 per month. We continually monitor your campaigns' performance and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your ad campaign remains profitable.

Monthly Ad Budget

$300 – $500 initial

$300 – $2,000 on-going

You decide how much you will spend on ads. You will be charged directly by the advertising platform for your ads. I will be the one running, managing and optimizing the ads. I recommend spending about $300-$500 initially over a 1 to 2 week period for split testing.

Split testing let's me narrow down the best ad parameters that gets you the most for your money. Once the split testing is done, you should know approximately how much your leads are going to cost you and what your monthly ad budget should be. The minimum monthly ad budget for Google Ads should be around $300 - $2000, depending on your industry. After that, it's all about how many sales you want or how many clients you can handle!

Certifications: Google Ads Search, Google Ads Display, Google Analytics

For an estimate on how many leads you can expect to receive for your particular campaign and budget, please out the form below to request a proposal today.

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