Website Maintenance

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I help prevent these website issues

What i do To Maintain Your Website

Malware Protection

This prevents things like trashy ads showing up on your website or spam being sent from your email. I’ll make sure your site stays malware-free. And if anything does make it through my top notch security checks, I’ll take care of it.

2-Factor Authentication

2-factor authentication can be implemented for your website’s admin area to add another layer of protection on top of your password. (optional

IP Blocking System

My managed servers are part of a network that logs and shares information about attempted intrusions and puts those intruders on a network-wide block list. This means that if an intruder has attacked any of the other other sites on the network, and then it attempts to attack your site, it will be turned away before it even makes it to the front door.

WordPress Updates

All of the core WordPress updates are done for you, keeping your WordPress version up to date at all times.

Nightly Backups

Your entire website is copied and backed up offsite every single night. So if a disaster were to happen, you can breathe easy knowing that your website can easily be restored.

Speed Optimization

Your site’s content is compressed on the server side which allows your website to load faster and achieve optimal performance. People hate slow-loading websites. Yours won’t be one of them.

SSL Certificate & Renewal

SSL encrypts information being shared on your website. Your site will boast the green pad lock next to the URL to show all your users that your website is secure. Your SSL certificate renewal is also taken care of for you every 90 days.

Content Updates

I make website content updates whenever you need me to. This includes adding new image and text content and updating existing content as requested, as many as you want (within reason of course).

Monthly Reports

You’ll receive a report every month summarizing the maintenance and security status of your website. This includes page load speed, recent backups, website traffic and page views, uptime/downtime, what parts of your website were updated and more.

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